Identify your vintage Bulova watch

Having your vintage Bulova or Accutron watch identified by a panel of experts is easy. Just follow these steps.

NOTE: We only accept complete watches that date prior to 1980 (check that your watch was made prior to 1980).
If your watch was made post 1979, please do not continue.

Step 1 - Create a member account

Step 2 - Gather information about your watch

  • Write down all the details inscribed on the back of your watch.
  • Take a few clear close up photos of your watch, including the following:
    • front of the watch
    • back of the watch
    • inside movement (if you can open the watch)
    • inside back case (if you can open the watch)
    • additional photos (side/band/strap/bracelet)
  • If you can open your watch case, note the following details:
    • the movement model (eg 11AF)
    • the movement jewel count (eg 17 Jewels)
    • the movement date code/symbol (eg L1, M6, N9)
    • any details inscribed on the inside back case

Step 3 - Prepare your photos.

  • Resize your photos using Imageresizer or for something more powerful try out Colorcinch.
  • Drag and drop your photo into the space provided.
  • Crop your photo to just show the watch.
  • Set photo width to 800px (keep aspect ratio).
  • Rename your photos to include the current date.

Step 4 - Add your watch

  • Press the 'ADD YOUR WATCH' button below (shown once registered and logged in). 
  • Fill out the online form, using the information you gathered in Step 1 and photos you prepared in Step 2.
  • If you do not have the information required simply leave blank or enter a dash ( - )

What happens next?

The myBulova panel members will each evaluate and post comments as to the model identification of your watch and then make a recommendation to the site administrator who will finally identify and list your watch for public viewing.

During this process, panel members may ask you questions relating to your watch to help them correctly identify the model name and year of manufacture, so please review your watch entry regularly.

Watches added with little detail or poor quality photos will be removed. If you have any problems adding your watch please contact

IMPORTANT: Please do not ask for appraisals or evaluations on your watch. does not provide this service.

Selling your watch on

If you wish to have your watch listed in the "For Sale" section, please complete the following:

  1. Enable 'Person contact form' under HOME > MY ACCOUNT > EDIT to allow members to contact you.
  2. When adding your watch check the 'For Sale' checkbox 
  3. Select the 'Add sale details' button, followed by entering a sale price and description.
  4. Your watch will be listed on the 'Watches For Sale' page once it has been reviewed by the panel.
  5. Please consider donating a portion of the sale of your watch to help support

IMPORTANT: All communications relating to the sale are to be kept private between both parties and handled external to