Bulova Watch Repair Digest 1955 - 1957

Watch Repair Digest

Dedicated to the Watchmakers of America

"The watchmakers of American represent a fine tradition of craftsmanship. Their skill integrated with the organisational know-how of the watch industry, is beyond question of strategic importance to America, not only in the scheduling of daily lives at home and at work, but especially to our national security.

In recognition of interest and need of this skilled group, the Bulova Watch Co. Material Sales Division has published this pocket sized digest of technical and merchandising material expressly for the watchmaker. The following articles have been written in short and simple style by the authorities in the horological field. The topics have been selected with the watchmaker in mind."

The following editions were published:

June 1955 (First issue)

September 1955

January 1956

April 1956

July 1956

October 1956

January 1957

April 1957

Summer (July) 1957

Fall (October) 1957