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eBook: Bulova Art Deco Ladies’ watches 1922 - 1930

A hundred years ago, in October 1922, Bulova launched an advertising campaign in the Saturday Evening Post that put the brand on the track to become one of the most important American watch brands by the end of the decade. This e-book brings back those first years, showing more than 350 Art Deco ladies’ watches that Bulova marketed from 1922 until 1930. It not only elaborates on the watches, but also explains the many product families, discusses competitor models, identifies case suppliers and gives other historical backgrounds, thus giving insight into the vibrant New York watch scene of the roaring ’20s.

This book, endorsed by Bulova, is a “must-have” for every watch collector. Unique in its set-up, it is the first book that attempts to recreate the early history of one of the most iconic American watch brands, combined with an overview of all the ladies’ watches marketed during that period. It puts you on a journey where you will learn to appreciate each Art Deco ladies’ model that Bulova had in their product range and understand its historical context.

At the symbolic price of 10 cents per page, the e-book is an ideal gift that can be personalized by sending the name you want to display and a special message, including a date. Your text will be displayed on page 2 of the book and additionally the name will appear in the footnote of every page. 

The book can be ordered directly from the writer by sending an e-mail to After payment, a link will be sent to download the e-book.

Key features

  • Book Title: Bulova Art Deco Ladies’ watches 1922 - 1930
  • Author: Edmund Alexander Klophaus
  • Format: e-book (PDF)
  • File size: 125 MB
  • Language: English
  • Genre: catalogue, nonfiction, history
  • Number of Pages: 695
  • Illustrated: Yes
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Version: 1.0

Additional features

  • Target audience watch collectors and trade
  • Personalization the book can be personalized with a special message, ideal as a gift item

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