Looking for gold "expansible" clasp for yellow gold watch band for my Bulova

Submitted by Larry Boerio on

Note: clasp

I am looking for the "Expansible Bracelet Clasp" for my 1943/44 Bulova Minute Man watch.

The clasp is/was used on a "basket weave" yellow gold mesh band. I have included 3 pictures for the clasp along with the patent for it.

Somehow the "pawl element" (#46) which includes the integral "finger operated member" (#56) and it's "curled" end (#48) managed to loosen and fall free. It's all one piece.

I was unable to locate it since I was outdoors when it happened in the wilderness. The numbers listed for what fell out are shown in the patent drawing.

Actually, all I need is that particular piece, but I'm guessing most people would not have a small piece like that, so I am interested in purchasing the full clasp if anyone has it and is willing to sell it. There may be other clasps that work, but this is the original type of clasp  for the band with the watch as my mother bought it for my father, and therefore I wish to use the same type clasp; assuming I cannot find just the pawl. Also, this type of "clicking and locking" clasp is really "slick". I really enjoy using it!

Thank you for any assistance you can give me!

Larry Boerio

Note: clasp


Posted November 29, 2023 - 7:26pm

These original bracelets are very difficult to find.  I would look for a complete donor watch with this bracelet on eBay.  I occasionally find a different model in rough condition with the bracelet I need.