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Submitted by mbyoh on May 23, 2024 - 7:49pm


I received a Bulova Quartz T8 watch, marked 14k on the case from a family member. It’s in excellent condition with a brand new battery.  I’m more of a divers watch type and am thinking of selling it. He bought it brand new from a local jeweler, so I know it’s authentic.  I was thinking it was a $100 watch but when I checked EBay, I saw ones that had sold for $500 up.

I joined a Bulova FB group to find out more info.  Several people doubted it was real gold, one even said Bulova never made 14k watches. I find that hard to believe as I’ve seen other identical watches for sale.  One poster asked me if I could authenticate it being 14K.  The jeweler/ watch repair gentleman that put the battery in last week said it looked completely kosher to him.

I would appreciate your opinion on this.

Thank you,
mike Yoh



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Geoff Baker
Posted May 23, 2024 - 10:10pm

Hi Mike - We do not classify  or catalog watches made past 1980. The T8 date code on your watch indicates (I think) a 1998 watch. We do not have any information on watches of that era. My suggestion is to trust your watchmaker, not so-called "experts" on social media. Bulova has been making solid gold watches for over a hundred years and they still do. 

Posted May 23, 2024 - 11:56pm

Have to agree with Geoff, T8 is 1998 so outside of our ability to ID your watch.  From the pictures you have provided I'd also agree that your watch is legit. Nothing about your watch suggest fake or knock-off. Looks authentic.

For someone to make a comment that Bulova never made a solid gold watch, clearly shows that they have no idea what Bulova have produced over the last 100+ years.