Is there is system in the early ladies model numbers?

Submitted by Alex on

While trying to decode all the movement number (see other forum topic), I also started looking at the early model numbers that Bulova used for their ladies watches in 1922 to 1924. Typically these model numbers are a 4 digit number.

With a special thanks to Stephen who already had discussed that you could identify the jewel count of the movement in the second digit of the model numbers. It inspired me to look at the other digits as well. In below link to a PDF, I try to clearly explain that there is a logic to it. It is a reasonably easy system once you cracked it, but not very recognisable for the consumer buying watches. So I conclude stating that Bulova probably recognized that as well and as a result changed the numbers for names. Much easier for everybody!

Through this forum I want to spur other people to have a look at the platinum watch numbers. So far I couldn't find any logic there.