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hard-to-find press down crystal

Submitted by DogfaceNobody on February 11, 2024 - 1:15pm

Hi Everyone:

I have a 1941 Watertight I recently purchased on eBay and brought back to life, identical to this one with the 10AX movement:  Bulova Models |

Does anyone happen to know the crystal it takes?.  It is one of those with the bezel ring that presses down around the crystal.

I recently acquired a similar crystal for another Bulova, but it was 28.3mm and was the 1112 E-1 crystal.  This one is a few mm smaller. 

This one is 25.95 mm in outside diameter.  I looked all over, but the closest thing I could find that has the required diameter is listed for a Girard Perregaux.  

I reckon I'll see when it arrives. 

Posted February 17, 2024 - 3:39pm

Did the crystal you ordered work? 

Posted February 18, 2024 - 11:47am

Thanks for asking.  It just arrived yesterday, and no, it does not fit.  It is a 25.95 mm Wyler crystal.  I took a chance.  I'll keep it for another application if need be.  The problem is that the Outer diameter is OK, but the Inner diameter is a hair too small and does not allow it to go down over the ring on the case that it fits over.  I managed to polish up the original crystal, so it looks pretty good now, so I'll just use it if I cannot locate a NOS one.  

It's tough finding a crystal for these early-40s Watertights.  They require a special "press-type" dome crystal that is hard to find.  I can find the proper outer diameter, but it is the inner diameter that is the issue. 



Posted February 18, 2024 - 2:26pm

The G-S catalog lists one for a Bulova that looks like it fits over a ring, but it's 29.92 mm. The G-S crystal number is PA 462-6R. The Bulova cross reference number is 1627SZ. I can't tell you if that's the correct crystal for your watch or not, but it's the closest waterproof crystal I see listed for a Bulova in the catalog. 


Posted February 18, 2024 - 2:51pm

Yes, I saw that one.  That one looks to fit the SeaBee which is very similar but larger.  But these Watertights are smaller, around 25.9 mm

I am going to try 'grinding down' the Wyler crystal a bit and see if I can't get it to fit.  But, the existing crystal looks pretty good now so I can use it if push comes to shove.

I posted a photo of what it looks like.

1941 Watertight press type dome crystal   

side view


Posted February 18, 2024 - 3:06pm

The crystal I mentioned would never fit. I misread the measurement you listed. Thought it said 29.95 mm. 

Posted May 4, 2024 - 11:47pm

I dealt with a similar situation on a Girard Perregaux Amphibian from the late forties/early fifties. I had run into this style of crystal for GP Sea Hawks, and actually did use a crystal for a Wyler model on one of them, a ladies size.  Anyway, after struggling with many different crystals with the Amphibian, I sent it to Dave C. at He found an GS Evr-tite, without using the tension ring, fit pretty well. It fit tightly over the case back/bottom, and the bezel cinched over it without falling off or breaking.  As it sits, it's perhaps a bit tight on the back, but has been holding. Admittedly, it does look like like there's a stress crack in the crystal. Fortunately, it hasn't traveled. 

The bottom line is that you might try a couple of tension ring crystals with the ring removed. Good luck. Cheers.