Bulova and U.S. Military Connection

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So I was browsing the interwebs and came across this box.  We all know Bulova made watches and airplane instruments for the U.S. Military.  This is an ammunition can from that era.  It has Bulova stamped on the bottom.  Pretty cool piece of your into Bulova Military watches.

Wonder if Bulova was given these to ship watches or instruments in?

What do we think of this?

(I spoke with the guy who owns the item and pictures and was given permission to copy/post the pictures for archive purposes.)

Vintage WWII Era Artcraft .30 Cal M1A1 Ammo Box

Inspector of Naval Material; c/o Ordnance Engineering Corp.; Rockville, Maryland

From Asst. Insp. Naval Material; c/o Bulova Watch Co.; Providence, R.I.

This box appears to be in good used condition—light oxidation, some paint loss with the most significant dent/scrap on the bottom. Lid has gasket and goes on and latches without effort. Side and Bottom of box stenciled—see photos.

Overall Length is about 11”, Width 3.75” and Height 7.25”.


Posted December 5, 2014 - 2:59am

That ammo is for the M1 Carbine, WW2 first issued. Bulova also manufactured guidance systems for missiles. The Sidewinder for one, and the Minuteman another.

Not thought much about this "dark side" to the Bulova company before. You can find some very heavy info about it with a simple Google search.