Bulova 1934 Lone Eagle

Submitted by 1955mercury on February 15, 2024 - 10:15am
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GS X940 23.6 X 15.2 mm
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I bought this one on ebay for $15 listed as a parts watch. It was pitifull looking. Had one hand, the silver minute hand, no crystal, no winding stem or crown, and wasn't running. The dial doesn't have any room for any more patina, but I kinda like the looks of it. I got it running and keeping time, put a new crystal on it, and two hands (the hour and seconds hand). They are gold and I left the silver minute hand on it. I plan to replace them all with silver hands as soon as I run across some. I think this is a 1934 Lone Eagle. 

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Posted February 15, 2024 - 10:56am

Nice save! Looks like the dial was repainted black over white and has since been cleaned almost all the way through the repaint. I think I'm seeing the original black minutes and seconds tracks peeking through. Movement looks like it may have kicked around for a while outside of a case or had replacement parts from one that did; but is correct  for a 1934 dated LE

Hey, it's now a functional "beater" / survivor - I like it! Agreed, it's a

1934 Lone Eagle (noting dial)

Posted February 15, 2024 - 11:21am

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Thanks Neetstuf. To me it doesn't look like the dial was ever painted black because the part that was inside the case is still white. I think it just spent many years in storage without a crystal. I like the way the way it looks. It's got an aged patina look to it. 

Posted February 15, 2024 - 11:59am

I think a 1934 Bulova Lone Eagle...

Ironically I juat went through this.

Same dial.  Someone painted it black a thousand years ago.  The before pic was right during the first TarnX treatment.  It was a little blacker and its starting to come off there.  The second pic was after TarnX was done, and I used some radico putty to clean it up a little more.

Not perfect, but I took a dial that was heading to the bin back to serviceable!

Fixing dials with Plainsmen... 2-15-24Fixing dials with Plainsmen... 2-15-24 2

Posted February 15, 2024 - 12:25pm

1934 Bulova Lone Eagle is a good match.   White gold version.  

Geoff Baker
Posted February 15, 2024 - 8:59pm

Yup  that's a 1934 Bulova Lone Eagle, don't see many in white. Interesting that my first impression was that its VERY dirty and not a paint job on the dial. Survivor either way.

Posted February 15, 2024 - 11:19pm

White gold version is correct. This is the first year for this new design (the 4th in a series of 5 differemt variations).

1934 Bulova Lone Eagle

1934 Bulova Lone Eagle

Posted February 16, 2024 - 7:08am

Thank you to all for taking the time to look at and comment on this watch. It's 90 years old and showing it's age, but it's still a beautiful working piece of history from a bygone era in my eyes.