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Bulova 1947 Her Excellency

Submitted by Boof02161983 on September 9, 2018 - 3:45am
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Dear Forum, 

    With some help I have been able to now upload photographs of my “Mimmie’s Watch”. Sadly in my family the mystery of the watch has been extremely difficult since both my beloved Mimmie has long passed away. I was given the Watch on my 21st birthday as a truly beautiful gesture and gift from my Papa (Grandfather). He has now also passed and the only other person is my Mother and sadly she knew nothing about the Watch. 

   A very kind person helped me with the photographs so they could be uploaded to my account. The case numbers and markings are hard to make out, so I am going to explain: 

   On the case top  it reads: “Bulova 10k Gold Filled” 

   On the case bottom it reads: “ H562694”

   The inscription reads: “M.A.A 12-25-1947” it was a Christmas gift to my Mimmie    

       The watch itself is silver or white gold. The hands of the Watch are a beautiful blue color and the best part is it still works. 

The mystery is mainly because I can’t find any Watch like this one. Some are very similar but they are not in “White Gold”. 


THANK YOU in advance for your time and help me find the truth behind my beloved Mimmie’s Watch, my special Family Heirloom. 

Mimmie’s White Gold Bulova Face
Case Number H562694
1947 Bulova watch
Posted September 9, 2018 - 3:48am

Dear Forum, 

   THANK YOU in advance for your help. As mentioned this is a beautiful family heirloom from my Great Grandmother to my Grandmother from Christmas 1947. It was given to me a few months later my Beloved Mimmie passed as a wonderful and generous gift from my Grandfather. 

   With some help I now have pictures! THANK YOU! 

Posted September 9, 2018 - 9:42am

Welcome to mybulova! Heirloom watches are the best! Based on lack of date code on caseback and gifting date, I suspect this is probably a 1947 and a Her Excellency variant. It appears to be the same case as a HE "C", but with a different face, and white gold instead of yellow.. "C" was listed as a choice of 3 colors, and likely each had a different variant letter and perhaps a different face as well.

Like this one:

(S/N starting H5... ) like subject watch.

My unsubstantiated guess would be this watch in white gold is a "D" and Kathy's (referenced above) in pink is a "E" based on the seemingly standard progression of variant letters regarding gold color. I couldn't find this casing in the 1940's time frame called by any other name than Her Ex. "C" (available in 3 colors) in ads.


That said, without knowing jewel count; I think it's at least safe to call this one a Her Excellency, and would be comfortable calling it a "D" if that is general consensus.

Kathy L.
Posted September 9, 2018 - 10:54am

What a wonderful heirloom for you to have from your grandparents!  At least you can probably say it was a Christmas present in 1947.  This is a Her Excellency ladies watch.  We know they came in yellow, pink and white gold but we only have ads for the yellow gold of "C".  It is really nice seeing your white gold version and the variation of the dial they used in it.  I really like the dial, it looks really nice in the white gold case.  It is probably a "D" or "E" but without an ad this will probably be given a generic 1947 Her Excellency name like my pink gold version.  The Her Excellency line was very popular in the last 1940s and I am sure you grandmother loved the gift from her mother.  It is a beautiful heirloom. 

1947 Bulova Her Excellency

Posted September 9, 2018 - 1:17pm

1947 Bulova Her Excellency (Unknown variant)

Geoff Baker
Posted September 15, 2018 - 10:35am

A wonderful family heirloom - congratulations!

1947 Bulova Her Excellency