Bulova 1966 Accutron Calendar

Submitted by Mark Summers on
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I believe this is a Bulova Accutron Calendar "B".  I am assuming the "B" in the "B31167" serial number indicates a model "B".

I believe the M6 date code indicates a manufacturer date of 1966.  Rear markings also indicate a 14KT gold case.  I believe the wrist band is original.  I do not have any of the original documentation or original case.  It would have been purchased new in the Dallas Texas area.

It has not been serviced in years.  It is my recently deceased father's watch, and has lived in a jewelry cabinet for the past several decades.

I am interested in getting it fully serviced so I can enjoy it on my wrist.  Any advise will be much appreciated.

Front View
Rear View
Restored by John V. at Time & Again
Posted August 20, 2023 - 9:47am

Nice solid gold watch! Welcome and thanks for sharing your heirloom with us. The "B" in the s/n is just a letter, no connection to model.   It's a 

1966 Accutron Calendar "C"

Like this one. The band is a replacement; watch was originally sold on a brown lizard strap. If you plan to service and wear it, my suggestion would be to replace the band, as the spring loaded adjusters on the ends tend to wear down/score the insides of the lugs.

EDIT: ID revised below based on lume of dial. 1963-1967 Linebook info added above.

Mark Summers
Posted August 20, 2023 - 10:00am

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Thanks for the insight.  I now see the first letter of the serial number (from other similar models) do not correlate as you suggest.

I am curious about the different markings on the perimeter of the face.  The example you provided a link to has no shapes and mine has (11) white rectangles on each hour and a single round white circle at the 12:00 position.  Do you know if these differences are common in watches of the same model and same year?  Also, any thoughts on the blemishes on the face?

Do you have a suggestion for a replacement band?  I suspect finding an original brown lizard strap would be a challenge.  :)

Posted August 20, 2023 - 10:40am

Nice catch! The lume dots got past me. I checked the linebooks and found your watch under 1967. It looks like a transition late 1966, adding lume to dial and hands as well as an upgraded band.

1966 Bulova Accutron Calendar "L".

Sometimes ID can be a tricky thing......I added the linebook info above for confirmation.

My guess would be the original solid gold band got sold off the watch at some point and will likely be impossible to find (and expensive). I would still go for lizard - haunt ebay, you'll find one :o)

Geoff Baker
Posted August 20, 2023 - 9:25pm

1966 Bulova Accutron Calendar L is a good match. Congratulations on a wonderful keepsake from your father.

Posted August 21, 2023 - 12:16am

1966 Bulova Accutron Calendar "L" is a good match.

Mark Summers
Posted September 3, 2023 - 3:52pm

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Gentlemen, thanks for your expert advice on my Bulova Accutron Calendar "L" watch.  I see a fellow member (John) offers repair services on Accutron watches, so I have reached out to him to see if he can help me get this timepiece working like it did 57 years ago...

Posted September 3, 2023 - 6:23pm

Here is a closure look at the dial, also showing the subtl horizontal line running between the 3 and 9 positions.

1967 Bulova Accutron Calendar "L"

Mark Summers
Posted September 3, 2023 - 7:18pm

Very interesting. I did not notice the horizontal scribe before, but it is definitely on my watch as well, which further confirms your assessment of a 1966 "L" model  The (12) rectangular lunes also match my watch.

I did notice one aspect of your watch photo that I can say fortunately does not match my watch, which is the small misalignment between some of the lunes and the perimeter hour marks.

II know I am really getting into the weeds, but that is what makes it fun. :)