Bulova 1973 Jet Star

Submitted by Geoff Baker on March 14, 2011 - 6:52pm
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New Old Stock Day Date Automatic in period display case  and storage box also has original bracelet. Case and bracelet all stainless. Bracelet is marked Kreisler Stelux and also Bulova. Unusual and rather rare vertical Date Date window at "6" position.

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Geoffrey Baker 1973 Bulova Jet Star C Blue Watch 11 29 2013  ----2
Bulova watch
Bulova watch
Bulova Watch
Bulova Watch
William Smith
Posted March 20, 2012 - 11:56pm

Following the link above I see Jet Star but no indication of variant designation.

Posted June 5, 2012 - 5:32pm

Note that it is a 17 jewel movement.


Bob Bruno
Posted June 5, 2012 - 10:49pm

Another winner for you Geoff! Love that display box.

William Smith
Posted June 5, 2012 - 11:18pm

Love that bracelet!

William Smith
Posted June 5, 2012 - 11:29pm

Gang I'm still trying to figure out how we got the "C" for this one?  The one ad I see, showing subject watch, gives a model number 11634, but no indication of "C".  If we had an ad showing a "B" and "D" which were not like subject watch, then we may be able to conjure up C for this one.  Right now it looks like C is a guess.  Did I miss something on this series? 

William Smith
Posted June 6, 2012 - 8:28pm

IMO this would be a confirmed Jet Star, however an unconfirmed Jet Star "C".  Tentative "C" would be a stretch, as I still find no indication of "C" coming from anything.  I'm not going to vote a one check (for now) as I feel this is an injustice to say unconfirmed, but if I were to vote, based on my understanding of how we vote, it would have to be one check.  This is where some working definitions would help in assigning checks.

Posted June 6, 2012 - 8:34pm

Agreed on all points, Will. 

And it would be good to document a jewel count appropriate to the Jet Star series.

Posted June 6, 2012 - 8:36pm

I'm with Will on this one, I'm not seeing a " C " anywhere in the ad either. Sorry, it's 2 for now but just for the record, I think it will prove itself out eventually.

William Smith
Posted June 6, 2012 - 9:24pm

It's a beautiful watch, and Geoff has both a white dial and blue dial version.  Both "C's", but beautiful just the same.  Both like NOS!!!