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My watch is a 1974 Bulova Accuquartz, in 10kt gold, sub-caliber 2242 (day/date complication).

I lost my Dad in October of last year and amongst other things his favourite watch was passed onto me. I am trying to find out more about it. I vaguely remember him buying it when he was on holiday in the US, and he was really pleased with himself. He always wore it even at work or doing the garden. Over the last couple of years he didn’t wear it but wore a Seiko, I thought this was because his eyesight was going and he needed a bigger dial. I know now that some idiot in a jewellers told him that batteries were no longer available and the watch was obsolete. He would have been really disappointed to put it in a draw and not wear it anymore. I wish he had asked me to look into it and we could have got it going again. One of the many things we did not talk about because I was too ‘busy’.


You can see it’s had a hard life


On the back it has the markings 3 726037 N4. The case ref is 7578-1.


The watch is currently with a repairer who has cleaned and calibrated it. He has also replaced several parts which I have sourced on eBay from the US and Australia. It is keeping good time on the watch winding table. The case has been cleaned and repaired.


I am trying to find out the part numbers for the crystal and crown for this watch so I can search for replacements.


Has anyone seen one like it before ?


Bulova watch
Posted January 26, 2012 - 5:59am

I wish you all the luck in finding the information you need.

Have you contacted Bulova direct to see if they can offer any assistance?

Geoff Baker
Posted January 26, 2012 - 8:17am

John - how wonderful that you have this memento of your father! Actually, you already know quite a bit about the watch. You know the year it was made, the model, complication and case style, which is much more than we can say about some older Bulovas. We have one or two Accutron (Accuquartz) experts in the house that might be able to elaborate on the difference between the Accutron and the Accuquartz. My recollection is that in the AQ version, the watch still contained the world famous tuning fork but it didn't regulate the time, the quartz did.

Posted January 26, 2012 - 9:02am

geoff is correct, however the watch still hums like an accutron and the second hand is still smooth with no ticks like a quartz.. in some price books i have seen them listed for more than the regular accutron.

Posted June 25, 2012 - 9:53am

Actually, the Accuquartz caliber usually sells for less than the average 214/218. It has not yet been appreciated for what it really is and you can still snag some really good deals but prices have been increasing a little since last year. 

The Accuquartz caliber uses the quartz crystal to keep the tuning fork vibrating at the correct frequency. Unlike other Accutron calibers, you don't regulate the watch by moving the little weights on the tuning fork but by changing the position(s) of tiny screws on the resistor module of the quartz crystal. The tuning fork weights may have to be moved but only to bring the tuning fork into sync with the quartz crystal. IIRC, Bulova indicated accuracy of 1-3 minutes/year when properly regulated. I have one that varies less than one minute/year - fantastic for 40+ year old technology!

What your father experienced is, unfortunately, what a lot of folks are told by unknowing watchmakers. No, Bulova no longer supports these watches with parts or service but there are still competant, trained service folks out there and parts are still pletiful - both NOS and used.