Bulova 1923 158

Submitted by mybulova_admin on October 9, 2012 - 2:45am
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America Standard
25 Years
19K Gold Filled

Filgree Band

Hadley flexible bracelet 1/10 12 KGF - 4 Sapphires

1922 10A Bulova watch
1923 Bulova watch
1923 Bulova watch
1923 Bulova watch
1923 Bulova watch
Posted October 11, 2012 - 9:21pm

It certainly has the 158 shape but I think the pattern is different. This may not be  a big issue if they were different between the gold content versions anyway. No way of knowing at the moment. The ad above shows a sold 14k version, mine is a 19k gold filled version. Could be the reason for the different engraving.....different mold????


Posted October 12, 2012 - 3:37am

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We have several of these early watches with different dials from the ads ID'd because the ad is probably the solid gold model, and I can see the engraving may differ slightly too between the solid/plated models in each range, the only problem I can see with that is that we  have another in the DB similar to the subject, but in 14K solid gold that has been designated the 155, and this has different engraving from the 158 in the Dec. 1922 ad.http://www.mybulova.com/watches/1921-155-2897

What do we do in this case? The two look identical apart from the engraving and gold content.

158 two ticks.

Posted October 12, 2012 - 5:00am

differing Gold content from advertised would suggest a different model.


Posted October 12, 2012 - 5:39am

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If that is so, then a few of the oldies ID'd in the DB are wrong.

EDIT:- Mark, if it is Unknown because of the different gold content, then the watch you ID'd as the 154 is also unknown, as the gold content is different to that in the ad, as is the engraving.http://www.mybulova.com/watches/1924-Unknown-469

This watch is 19K GF.


Posted February 3, 2013 - 4:16am

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We now have advert evidence that this is not the case. The same watch with different gold content in the case did in fact go under the same model number.

Posted February 3, 2013 - 4:34am

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We also have advert evidence that shows plated and solid gold watches with the same case had different numbers, as with the 153/154 model.

Geoff Baker
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Posted October 16, 2012 - 3:27pm

Funny, some members were ready to vote for the 156 on a fuzzy ad with no legible name or pic, but when a virtual match is found with the 158, no one is interested?