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When members meet.

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I thought it about time we started a forum where we can post pictures of members meeting. A few years back I was delighted to hear that a couple of members met to share a beer and a yarn about their Bulova watch addiction, ah I mean collection. Prior to these members were total strangers and it's a wonderful feeling to know that this site has made some lasting marriages yet (plenty of divorces maybe..joking) but it's only a matter of time before His Excellency meets and marrys Her Excellency.


Submitted by plainsmen on
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Several times a week we get inquiries as to how much someones vintage Bulova watch is worth.  Rather than explain this over and over, I thought maybe we'd have one post we could possibly make a sticky for anyone inquiring.

The worth of your vintage Bulova or Accutron watch is very subjective.  There are no hard and fast rules that this one is worth X amount.  They are worth what someone is willing to pay for that specific watch.

What do I have

Submitted by mbyoh on
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I received a Bulova Quartz T8 watch, marked 14k on the case from a family member. It’s in excellent condition with a brand new battery.  I’m more of a divers watch type and am thinking of selling it. He bought it brand new from a local jeweler, so I know it’s authentic.  I was thinking it was a $100 watch but when I checked EBay, I saw ones that had sold for $500 up.

stem movement interchangeability for 10BX

Submitted by grmike on
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I haven't had any success finding a stem for the 17 jewel movement 10BX.  the watch is from the 1940's.  I noticed that all the 10B(A-Z) movements all have BXW stamped on the movement but some of them are 15 jewel movements so I don't think the stems fit all the varieties.  

I've searched the interchangeability charts but no sign of 10BX.